What Would a Forest Without Insects Look Like?

Dr Sofia Gripenberg

The first Stokes talk of term is Monday at 9 pm! Dr. Sofia Gripenberg of the University of Reading will join us to give her talk, "Functional Roles of Plant-Eating Insects in Forest Ecosystems." The talk is free and open to anyone interested, and refreshments will be provided!

"Plant-eating insects are among the most species rich groups of organisms on Earth, and they can have profound impacts on plant populations, communities, and on the wider ecosystems of which they are part. In my talk, I will use recent work conducted in our research group to illustrate a few routes through which plant-eating insects may contribute to shaping the environments in which they live. My talk will address two main topics: 1) the role of seed eating insects (‘seed predators’) in maintaining and structuring the diversity of tropical tree communities and 2) the effect of low-density herbivore populations on primary productivity in temperate woodlands."

There is wheelchair access. There is lightly padded seating, an accessible toilet through the door opposite the entrance to the Nihon room, and gender neutral toilets further along the corridor. Unfortunately, Pembroke's portable hearing loop is currently being serviced and is not available at the moment. Please contact js2442@cam.ac.uk with any other questions.