Welcome to the Scientific Society of Pembroke College.

Welcome to the Pembroke College Stokes Society,

This society was founded in 1909 with the aim of sharing cutting-edge science with the wider student body and has been doing so ever since. We are committed to ensuring diversification in the scientific community and offering connections for students to pursue their interests and careers through hosting talks by scientists from all fields and backgrounds. Ensuring the society offers this to all those who seek it is our imperative goal.

Furthermore, we would like to offer our assistance in all of your university pursuits. Whether this serves as welfare or academic guidance in a scientific context we hope you will email any member of the committee (Email addresses here) if you need help.

Best of luck for the year and we hope to see you on Mondays at 9pm.

Emma Rudge, Peter Anderson


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AGM and Hustings

Hustings for the new committee will be preceded by our Annual General Meeting,…

Weekly talks, dinners and garden parties.

The Stokes society holds weekly science talks open to all, featuring a range of topics from distinguished speakers. Some of our past talks can be found here.

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No upcoming events. Be sure to keep in touch so you can always know when the next event is.